Teach to Learn

The entire world is marching towards so called success and everyone is overshadowing the progress and performance of other in this cut-throat competition. Binding the relationship with various jobs and professions, teaching has been a tiring and boring job for many persons who really do not undergo with the real satisfaction they are likely to achieve in the long run.

The approaches, methods and techniques are going to be revisited and innovative and thought-provoking ideas and ways are superseding the space. Moreover, the quest of learning is rapidly increasing in both teachers and students’ zone making various implementation in day to day activities.
The kernel and core element of teaching is to be curious to learn and serious in work or job. Fulfilling these criteria is very easy as the teacher gets plenty of resources in his access.
The boastful teachers might lack this opportunity as they name themselves the learned and veteran teachers but the fact does not favor them. The prime factor of teachers achievement is their engagement and interest with the students they are teaching. As many students endeavor and act to learn so many ideas will come forth and teacher will also get more than she/he possesses.
There are multiple zones to enter in order to broaden the spectrum of knowledge. Be it playground, assembly, cafeteria, library, classroom etc. but the willing and passion must be in the heart of each and every teacher for double-sided benefit. Firstly, it enhances the knowledge of students as they get their guide with them. Secondly teachers also multiply their knowledge with the massive company and multitude of ideas.
The cycle is continuous as people learn to teach or vice versa. Present teachers must teach the learners to learn because it makes him go through the discovery and research as he is attempting to learn himself first, on the other hand if teachers learn to teach it will lessen its scope and its area will be narrower than the previous.The teachers will learn first and they will teach later.

The same trend is still prevalent and it could not bring any changes in the society. Required minimal qualification is here to stay but the explanatory and analytical learning will only be achieved after analyzing and synthesizing with multiple minds.

Let’s gear up and teach to learn the basics of life in every nook and corner from education to etiquette.


Ease your Essay

Perhaps, the most daunting and monotonous job that the students have to carry out is writing an essay on the specific and assigned topic with word limit. Straining the mind with this task seems accelerating the pace nowadays as many schools and educational institutions have been focusing on free writing and evaluating students’ competence on the level and standard in free writing.

It is also a reminder to everyone who are associated to essay writing that this job may be transformed into an easy pastime with a bit care and concern. The most significant approach to go deeper into the core of essay writing is the deal with topic which glues the writing process to bring out an expected product. Moreover, mind mapping of topic before penning is considered as one of the basic criteria that everyone must stick with. For this a writer should roam around the topic and attempt to guess the words associated with topic using 5W1H. It looks a bit queer in the beginning but the perfection is there to appear with the assimilation of words and their hierarchical placement during essay writing.

Some evidences can be forwarded to assist the readers in writing an easy essay. As for example, a student is writing an essay on ” Good Schooling”. S/he should at first make some points to support the topic related mind map. The possible mind map about this topic may go similar to this:

Definition of the topic
Academic excellence
Trained teaching entity
Proper Management of Resources
Affordable fees
Abundant counseling
Object oriented activities
Disciplined students etc.

The second step to work with this step is to manage the organization on the basis of its relevance. The link among all these words may be bridged with some connectives which act as a cohesive device. Similarly, the prioritization of content is also equally important to beautify your essay as it highlights the most important points and the least important points  orderly.  The writer should think about the use of expressions to draw the attention of readers. Furthermore, the body of essay contains brief information included in the introductory part of essay with sufficient examples and illustration

Not only this, the supporting sentences if provided with some catchy quotes and proverbs seem as an icing to the cake. For that purpose, the writer once again brainstorm the answers of 5W1h, The aforementioned topic can be brainstormed in the given way:

What is good schooling?
Why is good schooling so demanding?
Which institutions and schools are providing good schooling?
Where does good schooling stand in the context of Nepal?

How is the government providing good schooling facility in Nepal?.

This format surely helps you ease your task and jot your ideas according to their dominance and need. If on the contrary, the writer fails to organize the order, s/he won’t run out of information as it equips with it.

Lastly, the summing up of essay can be easy if you have jotted the ideas with correct format and would like to provide a squeezed solution with your view to the readers. Here, in this essay if the writers work on these areas, then they are sure to ease the burden to write lengthy essays without anxiety and enigma.

No contractions

A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken forms of a word, syllable, or word group, created by omission of internal letters and sounds.

Perhaps, you may have used a great deal of contractions in your daily communication. You probably have made contractions as one of the economical media and still continue to use them. Have you ever realized the consequences of using contractions in academic writing?

Academic writing requires a formal writing which consist of formal words,  phrases and idioms to  make the readers understand the meaning  without  consuming a lot of time  and efforts. There are some places  where we can use them . However, using them frequently with writing  and speaking skills not only  rates you down even makes you fall in the rating of imperfect and juvenile writer.

The possibilities of using the contractions  are basically found in tag questions,  informal messages and some common conversations according to the social distance between the speakers and the listeners.

But the students nowadays seem to use  contractions everywhere without knowing the consequences. The assessment of their writing  be essay or story , letter writing  or invitation letter is marked negatively if they use the contractions. Some examples of contractions are given below.

Full form Contracted Notes
not -n’t informal; Irregular forms: shan’t” & “amn’t”. “n’t” can only be attached to an auxiliary verb which is itself not contracted.
let us let’s informal, as in “Let’s do this.”
I am I’m informal, as in “I’m here.”
are -‘re informal; we’re /wɪər/ or /wɛər/ is, in most cases, pronounced differently from were /wɜr/.
does -‘s informal, as in “What’s he do there every day?”
is informal, as in “He’s driving right now.”
has informal, as in “She’s been here before.”
have -‘ve informal, as in “I’ve got two left.”
had -‘d informal, as in “He’d already gone.”
did informal, as in “Where’d she go?”
would informal, as in “We’d like to go.”

What can be done to avoid contractions?

Contractions can be avoided using the following measures.

Firstly, the   students must think that they are going to  appear in the academic language testing system  and  their daily chat or gossip that they are going to demonstrate there.

Secondly, they must avoid their habit of using contractions correcting themselves pairing with their friends, family members of whoever   willing to help them.

These measures undoubtedly  solve the recurring problems of contractions and students’ performance will be rated  as good  writers.

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